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Human potential is extraordinary in court and beyond

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My criminal defense work is about harmonizing and reversing difficult situations and liberating my clients, from their charges, sometimes from themselves, from their risks, and from their potential and actual incarceration.

Once we decline to let others upset or annoy us — ranging from people inconsiderate enough to smoke right at building entrances, to those who will lie on the witness stand to save their butts — then we can do the real work of living, fighting, and achieving by quantum leaps.

That is why I am drawn to great music and other great art, which is limited only by the imagination. A great musician and artist does not awake wondering how the audience and critics will greet his or her work. S/he instead simply gets to work; the artist and his or her art are inseparably intertwined.

When I defend my clients, sometimes I feel like I am at once at a high quantum level while encouraging my client that s/he has the potential to join me there. When my client is kvetching and calling me on end, that does not mean that I am failing, but instead that this is where my client is at. Great oncologists, criminal defense lawyers, and suicide prevention professionals do not shy away from crises, but instead go right to the battlefield where they are needed, with their necessary weapons, and most importantly delivering the fight that is needed, barely ever being rattled.

My blog entries run from persuasion skills, to the state of the law and how best to use it, to rising up even from a perceived sh*tstorm. All three are essential for delivering great criminal defense. The third is essential also for becoming a more achieved person.

In the end, great trial battle balances the realistic perception underlined by Frank Zappa with the transcendence inspired by Norman Vincent Peale.

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  1. Lewis M. Silber on April 5, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Love this, Jon!