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Happy 420 – Fairfax criminal lawyer on marijuana legalization as freedom of choice

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Happy 420 - Fairfax lawyer on marijuana legalization as freedom of choice

Happy 420 – Fairfax lawyer on marijuana legalization as freedom of choice

Fairfax criminal lawyer applauds marijuana’s inroads with legalization, decriminalization, and medicinal use

Happy 420. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I learned long ago that 420, 4/20 (April 20), and 4:20 (as in toking near the end of the school or work day at 4:20 p.m.) all are references to marijuana.

Virginia criminal attorney on cannabis and freedom of choice

Legalizing marijuana for medicinal and enjoyment purposes is about freedom of choice and removing medicine from politicization. I support a Second Amendment with teeth but choose not to own a handgun. I support marijuana legalization, but have no interest in crossing the northern Virginia border to legally toke. Legalizing marijuana is a critical civil liberties issue.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on the role of marijuana in his 1991 transition to criminal defense from a corporate law firm

Those who click on the link to the logo on my website for NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) will see how the marijuana legalization cause influenced me to transition to criminal defense from a Washington, D.C. corporate law firm. Praised be former NORML national director Don Fiedler for advising me how to make a living with criminal defense.

Virginia marijuana attorney urged Bernie Sanders to support marijuana legalization when Sanders opposed it

Thanks to Bernie Sanders for being among the political leaders supporting the road to marijuana legalization. Sanders is an example of how people can plant good seeds in government leaders’ heads even if they only sprout decades later. Around 1994, I met Bernie at a fundraiser and asked him to support marijuana legalization. After Bernie first insisted that marijuana was eclipsed by the need to address ordinary Americans’ financial struggles, he finally revealed along the lines of:  “So long as marijuana is being sold to kids, I cannot support its legalization.”

Happy 420. Fairfax criminal attorney “Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow,” with marijuana legalization

In our overly-policed society, legalizing marijuana will provide one less reason for police to stop and search otherwise law abiding people over marijuana odor, and will provide one less reason to racially profile suspects. Let weed/ marijuana legalization grow and grow until pot is legal throughout the nation and the planet.

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