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Hear my radio interview podcast on Amazon pedophile book-gate

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By Jon Katz, a criminal defense lawyer and DWI/ DUI/ Drunk Driving lawyer advocating in Fairfax County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and beyond for the best possible results for his clients. https://katzjustice.com  

This past Friday, Dr. Joy Browne interviewed me on her talk radio show on  WOR 710-AM (710wor.iheart.com) about Amazon pedophile book-gate. (See my initial blog entry on this interview.) The interview was lengthy and gave me a chance to spread the further word of the importance of protecting the marketplace of ideas under the First Amendment, even ideas that are disgusting and abhorrent and worse.

As it turned out, the interview was not live, and broadcast in the late evening on November 12. The full segment is here, and my interview starts at the twelve-minute mark.

I would like to know the demographics of the people listening to such radio shows, although I know that two former public defender office colleagues are among the listeners. Plenty of call-in shows clearly are popular, seeing how heavily they populate the airwaves. However, aside from my having listened to G. Gordon Liddy and Rush Limbaugh a few times driving back to the office from court to check out the opposition and to wish that Liddy were not so articulate and often restrained, I tend to stay away from such stations.

Radio and television advertisers have a tough nut to crack with me, where my household has for years foregone cable and broadcast television in favor of not leaving a big imprint of our behinds on the couch.