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Inspired Virginia DUI defense addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Inspired Virginia DUI defense is about pursuing great results despite the obstacles, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Inspired Virginia DUI defense and criminal defense is the only way to go. As a Fairfax DWI lawyer, I know the aw sh*t initial reaction I sometimes have when learning the allegations against my client. Then, I snap myself out of it and remember all those previous aw sh*t moments that turned into using the poop for fertilizer for great results for my Virginia criminal defense clients. One of my legal assistants was in the military. Regardless of my personal views of the military, I know that such experience is like the baseball bat donut weight that makes even the most challenging aspects of any of my Fairfax criminal law firm’s clients’ cases more like child’s play. The courtroom is my playground, and the jeers and taunts from prosecutors and police are no more effectual than the effect of an obnoxious hometeam audience on a superstar visiting basketball team.

Inspired Virginia DUI defense recognizes that once the lawyer is hired, all that matters is the fight for the best possible results

Each day, I receive a plethora of marketing companies’ promotions for making my law firm more profitable. While Fairfax criminal lawyers and all other lawyers are not doing this work for charity — aside from when we intentionally take on pro bono and low bono cases — I strongly believe that when a Virginia DUI lawyer puts his clients ahead of money that s/he profits much more — both financially and personally — than when doing the opposite. Virginia DUI defense and criminal defense is about serving, and I get as much of a charge over today’s victory as my first courtroom victory. Inspired Virginia DUI defense against prosecutions under Virginia Code § 18.2-266 truly recognizes that once the lawyer is hired, all that matters if the fight for the best possible results.

Melting the mental obstacles to obtaining the best possible results in Virginia DUI court

Today’s posting about kick-butt Virginia DUI defense is inspired after I bumped into a colleague this week who told me of her recent conversation with a federal prosecutor who was one of the first third year law students I met when I visited my law school. This prosecutor was telling my colleague of the persistence of a criminal defense lawyer in pursuing beyond the usual bundle of restricted driving privileges available when convicted in federal court for DUI. That creative lawyer was I. My colleague said that indeed sounded like Katz. (This story comes from before Virginia DUI law became liberalized to allow driving anywhere with the ignition interlock device (IID) as the only condition for a first-time DWI conviction with a breath alcohol concentration under 0.15, but federal court judges are not bound to follow along with that, even with comity arguments.) I do recall in that same courthouse when a judge granted my request for my client to drive his mother to the grocery store at a time when the Virginia state law provided for no such permission during one’s DWI-related restricted driving period).

Aiming beyond the commonly perceived boundaries sometimes gets a yes, or many yesses

Among the reasons that I for years have gathered with those believing in the Trial Lawyers College approach of persuasion through knowing ourselves, finding and telling the persuasive story, and engaging in the persuasive role playing and reverse role playing of psychodrama, is that this helps disintegrate the barriers that many Virginia criminal lawyers discuss about challenging judges, conservative jurors, and clients seemingly caught redhanded. These gatherings include many people who like I are inspired by the knowledge that reality is not as much as an obstacle that one might first think. My experience with the above-referenced federal prosecutor and judge for my client’s DUI case is but a simple example of aiming for better than what the Virginia criminal defense lawyer might expect. If the jury, judge or prosecutor say yes to what might at first blush seem a request that has a tiny chance of succeeding, then the criminal defendant has obtained even more justice. If they say no, then it is time for the Virginia DUI lawyer to move to the next chapter of pursuing the best possible results in court. There are usually several paths to the one destination of victory in Virginia DUI court, so losing one battle or courtroom skirmish does not automatically preclude winning for the criminal defendant.

Winning as a Virginia DUI lawyer comes from the spark and oomph that naturally accompanies delighting in serving criminal defendants and in obtaining victory

What keeps the inspired fire burning for me, as a Virginia DUI and criminal defense veteran, to continue obtaining great court results for my clients? Two of the key ingredients are the delight I always get in serving my clients while knowing I am on the side of the angels, and my passion for winning. I know a collaborative lawyer who early on avoided being in roles involving pitched adversarial battle. For me, I say bring it on. The courtroom truly is my playground, where delighting in the fight enhances the chance of obtaining victory.

Bring it on- Obtaining great Virginia DUI court results rarely comes without sweat equity

Bring it on. Lace ’em up. Take off the kid gloves. Use any sports or battle analogy you want to recognize that obtaining great results against Virginia DUI and criminal prosecutions is not a rote one-size-fits-all exercise, but a tailor-made and well executed inspired battle plan that should be backed up by your lawyer having the right experience and drive. Fairfax DUI lawyer Jonathan Katz has successfully defended thousands of DWI and driminal defendants, and will be delighted to take on your defense and pursue the path you most want. Call 703-383-1100 for your free initial in-person confidential consultation with Jon Katz about your court-pending case.