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Snitches lurk everywhere- Virginia defendants need to be silent

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Snitches will sell their grandparents down the river, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Snitches abound in Virginia who will sell their own grandparents down the river, so they will have no trouble attempting the same with you. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that even plenty of Virginia criminal defendants who swear up and down that they will never tarnish their name by ratting on others will sweat and change their tune when it seems that snitching is the only way to shave some years off what seems like an inevitable conviction and years of time rotting in prison. In this world of 24 hour chatter on social media and texting, it is essential for all people to know and apply the principle of silence being golden when it comes to revealing any crimes you have have committed.

Who are Virginia snitches (VS), and why do they infest the earth?

Snitches come from all demographic backgrounds, which means that you never know if a person is a VS when you are engaged in criminal activity or in divulging any criminal activity. Their common denominator is desperation to avoid a conviction or to minimize the fallout from a conviction. Fairfax police are among those who pursue this desperation by early on asking drug arrestees if they want to work with a drug detective, through such approaches as doing or facilitating drug purchases that enable police to catch the seller, and to provide information and testimony about other people’s criminal activity. Fairfax police will not typically guarantee what if any beneficial results will come from such snitching / ratting / cooperation, rather than simply saying they will let the prosecutor’s office know about the VS’s assistance. While I decline to provide legal assistance for snitching, clearly the usual federal approach makes more sense for VS’s, which is to involve the snitch’s lawyer and to have a written VS agreement.

How do I spot snitches?

Virginia snitches come in all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. They are everywhere. Consequently, anybody who plans or effectuates a crime with you is a potential or actual VS. Anyone you tell about your criminal activity is a possible VS. Anyone who tries to get you to talk about your or anyone else’s criminal activity is a potential VS. How do you deal with this infestation of VS’s? It is ideal not to commit nor plan any crimes at all. If you do engage in either behavior, beware telling anything even to your seemingly closest friend that you would not tell directly to a cop. This is the benefit of being able to speak with your lawyer confidentially.

What do I do if prosecuted with the help of VS’s?

Any prosecution — whether with the help of Virginia snitches or otherwise — calls for you to timely obtain a qualified lawyer to defend you to the hilt. VS’s can arise in setting you up to commit a crime, or in ratting against you after a prosecution starts. That means to avoid even commiserating with your co-defendants in drug or other cases. Let your respective lawyers find grounds of commonality for pursuing victory, in ways that will not hurt your defense even if your co-defendant turns into a VS.

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