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Owning the Courtroom and World Stage Through Vibrating Highly

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We can wake up feeling on top of the world, but the true test of our powerful optimism and high vibration levels is to be thrown curveballs at even the most unexpected times.

Ideal preparation for the curveballs includes a good balance of diet, exercise and rest, and, for me, spiritual work. My spiritual work is less religious and more about daily mindfulness and meditative practice, with a key for me being the moving meditation and mindfulness of my taijiquan martial art and the power therein of developing and directing one’s ch’i.

When fully prepared for the day’s curveballs, merely annoying or otherwise offensive words are more likely to roll off my back like water off a duck’s back. High vibration and high energy diminished low energy, at least in perception, and such perception is critical. When fully prepared for the day’s curveballs, dangerous words and actions by opponents and others are more manageable, do not disrupt my good spirit nor sense of well being, but instead invigorate me for the challenge.

Here are some great examples, reminders and inspirations for me to stay on this powerful path of simplicity and non-anger in dealing with even the most vicious actions that come the way of me or my clients:

  • Nothing beats daily practice. Reading and writing about this topic never replace practice.
  • Because we are all connected and all people have their highs and lows, we can more easily address seeming adversity not as being about personality against personality, not about feeling in the role of a victim (the “why me again?” syndrome), and not about judging our self worth or excellence by how well we handle a particular tough situation.

Instead, we shine better at any moment of perceived adversity when we have been mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared for this adverse moment long before it ever happened. For me as a criminal defense lawyer, nothing beats experience. On top of that, visualizing success is powerful. Also, each day before court I can start mentally engaging with myself, my client, the judge, the prosecutor, the jury (read about my colleague Jude Basile’s imaginary morning conversations with jurors) and witnesses, visually coming face to face with them, looking at how I will bring them to my client’s side and reverse and neutralize any harm they may try to bring my client, wishing myself and my client well, and wishing them well to the extent that their well being will help and not clash with my client’s well being, and sending myself and everyone else powerful lovingkindness. This way, once I face each of these people for the first time in the morning, I will be more like a warmed-up athlete than like a non-swimmer being thrown into an ice-cold swimming hole to be taught by necessity to swim, lest he sink.

As well, positively approaching the courthouse battlefield is very beneficial, including making the time to arrive early at the courthouse on the court date and on dates before court to visualize sending my good energy out to the courthouse and those within it to reverse and neutralize any bad energy that has, might and will exist in the courthouse in the past, present and future.

– In the courtroom battlefield, I need to be ready for the possible dichotomy between the way the judge is accustomed to moving along the docket and conducting proceedings versus the adjustments to those approaches that I know are important to increasing my chances to obtain justice for my clients. Once I convince the judge that judicial economy will not be lost or that good sense will be gained by allowing me to proceed in initially perceived unorthodox or disruptive ways, I can address that dichotomy while still improving my client’s chance for success.

  • As humans, we will sometimes shine better at one moment than at a subsequent moment. We cannot let ourselves get debilitated nor discouraged by that, but must move on. Life is ever-changing like a river. We can neither define ourselves by our past successes nor mis-steps, but must in the now focus on achieving the best success. Ideally, we will shed our egos, step out of our perceived roles, and persuade on the soul level. Part of shedding our lawyer roles is to talk as humans, and to drop the legalese.
  • Because life is like an ever-changing river, we disserve ourselves and others to hold onto a narrow image of others. People can be like the opposite dynamic of the evil spirit in the movie Fallen, which spirit can rapidly move from one person to the next. In the opposite concept from Fallen, the seemingly most vicious judge and vicious prosecutor can have their moments of awakening where they do great things. Do not expect, though, that this seeming turnaround will last or not last in the usually vicious judge or prosecutor. Encourage the turnaround, but do not attach to wanting that turnaround nor to wanting to preserve the goodness in others who usually seem to exhibit good.
  • We can misperceive others’ motives and the meaning of their actions and words in ways that damage us, and we can also be misperceived. We misperceive less when we clear out our minds’ and spirits’ cobwebs, noise and clutter, and replace the situation with clarity, equanimity, simplicity, and lovingkindness.

When others misperceive us, we should neither attach to nor ignore the misperception of us. Sometimes the misperception may come from our seeming aloof, seeming to come from left field, or from prejudice towards things about ourselves or our cause.

Alooftness rarely serves a good purpose. We need to engage with everyone and everything, but with the right balance and approach, as Bodhisattva Never Despise made clear. When we seem to be coming from left field, that may arise from our refusal to be hemmed in by orthodoxy; rebellion or unorthodoxy need to have a purpose, rather than coming from a rebel without a cause.

  • We benefit from allies and we need to identify and support our allies. Prosecutors and police are united fronts consisting of many people and their budgets. Criminal defense lawyers must band together rather than splinter over competing for clients, competing to be called first on the docket, and competing for the limelight.
  • Effectively addressing challenges starts with simple adjustments and fine tuning, optimism, and having fun. The roadrunner did that beautifully. Beyond the roadrunner, other fictitious characters that inspire such approaches without the debilitating energy of anger or cause-advancing beyond what is necessary for the moment, are Kwai Chang Caine’s masterful neutralization of an otherwise maim-threatening opponent who lets his anger, racism, and ego weaken himself; and the Avengers’ Steed who faces down a murderous attacker with the finesse and calm of an accomplished polo player relishing the challenge (see minute 11:20).

Critical to the above path is relaxing and practicing, daily, always.