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Persuasive engagement & vibes persuade in criminal court- VA defense

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Jan 03, 2018 Persuasive engagement & vibes persuade in criminal court- VA defense

Persuasive engagement & vibes persuade in criminal court- VA defense

Persuasive engagement & vibes persuade in criminal court- VA defense

Persuasive engagement and well-cultivated vibrations persuade in criminal court. Manipulation is not what persuades, as I have learned time and again as a Virginia criminal lawyer.

Yoda knew all about the power of energy

Why do I keep a small Yoda statuette on my office desk? To remind me and my clients that one does not need to have movie star fame and looks to do great things; there is in fact “no try; there is do or do not;” energy and vibes are real; and people feel and sense our energy, will gravitate to good energy or vibes, and will run like hell from bad energy and vibrations.

Persuading in criminal court is about persuasive engagement and not about manipulating minds

Persuasive engagement with judges and jurors is not about manipulating them nor their minds, nor about presenting slick and one-dimensional arguments, but about the lawyer’s fully caring about his or her client, and about the judges and jurors so that their ears, hearts and minds open and even warm up to receive and fully internalize the lawyer’s message and information, with little resistance to the lawyer’s messages, arguments and evidence.

How does a criminal lawyer achieve on this path of opening hearts and minds and ears of listeners?

How does the lawyer achieve all this? Persuading by opening others’ hearts, minds and ears does not come overnight, but through the lawyer’s constantly practicing a life of fully serving clients, persuasively engaging others, having compassion and caring for all, dropping the lawyer’s ego and persuading on the soul level, being in harmony with everyone and everything rather than trying to force anything, eliminating the gunk and stuck-ness that holds back their transcendental greatness, and finding happiness and fulfillment and fun in what they do.

This path of great criminal defense is constantly ongoing and unfolding.

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