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Prevailing is everything in court says Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Prevailing is everything in court says Fairfax criminal lawyer - Image of Roman Collisuem

Prevailing is everything in court says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Prevailing with the best possible outcome is the point of going to court, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Prevailing over the odds and obstacles is what I strive for as a Fairfax criminal lawyer. This means not looking for a fair playing field, a judge who will help me obtain justice, a prosecutor who will not have ice in his or her veins, nor a police officer who appears to want anything but to look intimidating.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on prevailing in criminal court with lessons of gladiator fighting and martial arts

Criminal defense in so many ways is a martial arts and gladiator fight, and Russell Crowe’s Maximus Decimus Meridius (which inspired me to revisit the Colosseum this summer) is my inspiration for prevailing in this environment.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on never getting bent out of shape by an unfair playing field

Applying the good lessons of martial arts and human nature for prevailing in court, I do my best to empower judges, jurors, prosecutors, police and other opposing witnesses to do good; welcome when that good comes through; but do not get bent out of shape when instead any of them try throwing mud, dirt and feces my way, when I instead can diminish, neutralize and redirect such nonsense to my client’s benefit.

As a colleague once told me, I have a thick skin and an open heart, on the road to prevailing in court. A runaway cross-examined cop will get tired of his shenanigans, and maybe squirm, if I don’t let go of his or her proverbial balls while crossing him until I get the answer I want and am entitled to, or the next best thing. A prosecutor who postures no more nicely than a stereotypical overbearing heartless New Yorker is wasting his energy on me, having grown up with countless seemingly insensitive New Yorkers and knowing how to bring out and appeal to their softer sides. A judge who at first lectures me when I do something outside the box may let me try my case when s/he sees I am moving the trial along at a good pace.

The courtroom is my playground. I am here to win. 

Prevailing for the criminal defendant is the reason for me to go to court, not to win any popularity contest.

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