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Reminding my teachers how deeply I appreciate them

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late local taijiquan teacher David Chen, local taijiquan teacher David Walls-Kaufman underlined two years ago: "You can’t let your teacher forget that you love them. For you to let that happen is obscene. If you don’t do it–it necessarily means that either you or your teacher aren’t worth a damn. . . . You decide."

Of course, as in taijiquan, all things must be balanced. I did let myself get carried away when I ran to give trial titan Steve Rench a hug before he even got a chance to get out of his passenger’s seat on arrival at the 1996 Trial Lawyers College reunion. He seemed not to consider me a stalker, though — which I was not intending– because five years later he welcomed my brief visit to his home on my way from a Denver lawyers’ conference to a vacation in the Rockies and beyond.

When I saw Barry Scheck — whom I first met in 1991, before his name had become as famous as it became after the O.J. Simpson trial — early this year at a quarterly criminal lawyers conference after many years of not seeing him, I deeply thanked him for his kindness to me when I had just become a criminal defense lawyer. When I mentioned what David Walls-Kaufman said about thanking our teachers, he appreciated what David had said.

Today, I again thank some of my key teachers who inspire me to excellence, fulfillment, and victory. This is not an exhaustive list, and any omissions are not intended. Thanking and bowing deeply to my following teachers, most of whom I have personally met and known:

– The great advocates that I have highlighted for many years on my website.

– My teachers and fellow attendees at the National Criminal Defense College and Trial Lawyers College.

– My wife and son, always.

– My taijiquan teachers, including the many very talented students — and all who have sparred with me — who have taught me priceless gems. Those teachers are Ben Lo, Julian Chu, Len and Ellen Kennedy, David Walls-Kaufman, and Vic Crawford.

Ihaleakala Hew Len, who inspires people to reach their limitless potentials, with no marketing nor superficial bones about it.

Ram Dass, who is compassion personified.

Wayne Dyer, who reminds me that we spring from abundance, and that abundance (including personal, psychological and spiritual abundance, not just material abundance) is therefore ours to be enjoyed always.

– Sharon Salzberg, who has inspired me on the metta/lovingkindness path, and to experience time and space as limitless, and myself as limitless in time and space, as well.

– Ven. Thubten Chodron, who was born Jewish, became a Buddhist nun, and met with the rabbis who met the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala at his invitation. She teaches that true happiness is found by transcending samsara.

– Bruce Lee, who left the earth at an untimely age. Among other things, he taught to feel, not think, and to be like water. He echoed "The Victor" on never giving up nor giving in.

Beopjeong Seunim, who taught the power of happiness and persuasion through silence and withholding verbal and penned diarrhea.

– The fictitious Master Kan of the Kung Fu television series, who taught:  "Perceive the way of nature and no force of man can harm you. Do not meet a wave head on: avoid it. You do not have to stop force: it is easier to redirect it. Learn more ways to preserve rather than destroy. Avoid rather than check. Check rather than hurt. Hurt rather than maim. Maim rather than kill. For all life is precious nor can any be replaced."  (Emphasis added.)
Trudy Morse.

– Jun Yasuda, always.

– Dax Cowart and Bob Hilliard, always.

I deeply thank, remember, and bow to all my teachers.