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Police hassling without reasonable suspicion invites evidence suppression

Police hassling exasperates me as a Fairfax criminal lawyer, civil libertarian, and human being. Having police is part of the so-called social contract where society relinquishes vital aspects of its freedom in order to receive protection from the government apparati. However, police and government are...

Trump needs to be a one-term president says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Trump is a polarizing president, which I predicted he would be during the 2016 presidential campaign season. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer and individual, I recognize the importance of not repeatedly reacting to Trump in his desire to set the discussion agenda, and instead to...

Our Police State Must Be Dismantled, One Step at a Time

How do we reverse the Nation's oppressive police state of affairs? As I have blogged for over a decade, we start by shrinking the overgrown criminal justice system, starting with steps as simple as legalizing marijuana, prostitution, and gambling; heavily decriminalizing all other drugs; eliminating...

The politics of grouping pot, Adderall & LSD with PCP and fentanyl

The drug war is bankrupt. Federal, state and local governments have poured billions of dollars into the drug wars for over five decades, with little more to show for it than America's failed trillion dollar years-long war in Vietnam. Sun Tzu wisely advised against long...

September 11 fifteen years later

We cannot wait any longer to reverse all the civil liberties and human rights violations that have been perpetrated by the United States government post-September 11 in the name of fighting terrorism.

Policing is an undemocratic, militaristic culture

Policing is a necessary evil that is antithetical to a free, open and democratic society. Policing is a poison on society and the body politic when our society is overpoliced, which it has been for decades,