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Fairfax marijuana lawyer on Justice Department reversal on state-legal pot

Fairfax marijuana lawyer on the stark contrast between strict Virginia pot laws versus liberal marijuana laws in the neighboring northern jurisdictions. Virginia is one of the strictest states for marijutana law. How much longer can Virginia keep up such an anti-marijuana regime with its governor...

Nationwide marijuana decriminalization inroads must come to Virginia

Here are some examples of the marijuana legalization movement's progress with marijuana decriminalization: This month in Nevada, recreational marijuana is legal to purchase at state-approved retail outlets. This month, New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu (whose sister Liz once was my dormitory resident assistant) signed a...

Keep federal prosecution out of state laws allowing medical marijuana

Legalize marijuana as much as alcohol is legalized, and our civil liberties will flourish exponentially. Police repeatedly troll for marijuana odor, to seize on such odor as probable cause to search for marijuana and other contraband. The District of Columbia heavily decriminalized marijuana to address...

Let each 4/20 bring us closer to complete marijuana legalization

Each year, the relevant dialogue about marijuana legalization moves even further as a serious dialogue rather than anything susceptible to being portrayed as stoners' folly. Worldwide each year, marijuana becomes more accepted for medicinal purposes and more widely legalized and decriminalized for recreational purposes. April...

With Trump, Colorado & Washington may become less the marijuana paradises they were

With Trump as president, Colorado and Washington state may become less the marijuana paradises they were, Yesterday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer informed the press of possible increased federal enforcement in the states, of the criminal laws against marijuana. Such enforcement apparently will ignore...

Marijuana won on Election Day

On Election Day 2016, four states' marijuana legalization referendums passed, in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California. Election Day doubled the number of states with legalized recreational marijuana to eight, plus Washington, D.C.

Marijuana- Follow Alaska’s retail legalization example

Marijuana legalization is about expanding civil liberties, reversing our overgrown police state and criminal "justice" system, and achieving a better society. I have no plans to consume marijuana nor other non-prescription/non-over-the-counter drugs.