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Virginia criminal court preparation – Being powerful with little stagefright

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Virginia criminal court preparation for DUI and criminal defendants should result in powerful teamwork with your lawyer with limited stagefright

Virginia criminal court preparation does not happen overnight for it to be powerfully beneficial to your DUI or criminal defense. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I work closely with my clients from the time they hire me until their final court date to have them fully prepared for court. See my previous articles on effectively navigating the Virginia criminal courthouse, and testifying in criminal court (here and here). What might seem simple in court to a seasoned Virginia DUI or criminal defense lawyer may seem as alien as it comes to a criminal defendant. The courthouse is my home, whereas for many Virginia DWI and criminal defendants the courthouse is like a major hospital surgery room that they would prefer to avoid. My clients with military and martial arts training are one step ahead in being ready for their court date, because soldiers are trained to expect the unexpected in even some of the most brutal terrains and against the most merciless opponents, and martial artists are ready to work to harmonize any imbalanced situation using whatever it takes to do so. Whether or not one has the latter type of experience, I am able to get my clients up to speed for court by preparing them fully for their case, working with them well in advance on the advance work that is needed, and helping make them more comfortable and powerful as a team with me for each court date, including such approaches as visiting the courthouse in advance of their trial date (which is often covered by initial non-trial court dates in Fairfax and other courthouses), reassuring them about the fight I will put up for them at all steps, and helping them with the power of fighting in the moment.

Stagefright is normal as part of Virginia criminal court preparation, but the more it is transcended the more powerful can be the court result

The stories are legion about great actors and lawyers who get butterflies or worse before going on stage or before the judge or jury. What do I do to transcend that for Virginia criminal court preparation? Fortunately, nothing beats performance experience, and I have been performing for audiences through thousands of court appearances, performing magic shows for children’s birthday parties starting from when I was ten years old, performing improvised jazz trumpet solos in bands in my teens, joining my former law partner for dozens of live Sunday sponsored call-in legal radio shows (in Spanish at that) where the microphone would seem to disappear when I would speak, and through many television news interviews over the years (including before probably over a million people on the O’Reilly Factor, verbally sparring successfully with Bill about a felony prosecution). Even with the bright lights of the television studios (meant to eliminate shadows) and makeup (when on national TV), the camera and lights would seem to disappear for me as I ate up the opportunity to inform people and to get my viewpoint across. That is also why I feel at home and fully comfortable in my skin everywhere in the courthouse, including before judges and jurors. For criminal defendants, this is your opportunity to obtain as much victory as possible, which at once can feel like a great burden but is also a great opportunity, and I have you as my client covered at every step.

If you love people, you can be more comfortable before a jury

For your Virginia criminal court preparation, consider how you feel when you are approaching the door to an invitation event you are attending. Do you feel excited? Nervous? A sense of dread? After dinner on the first night of an amazing seven-week camping cross country trip I joined in high school — where I delighted in hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and sleeping atop my rain pancho along the Colorado River — the director asked me why I was alone and not with the crowd gathered around in a circle. He reminded me that everyone was equally apprehensive about meeting new people. That is all I had to be told to remember that people anywhere in life, whether on the street or in court — are likely more self conscious of themselves than you, particularly if they have their own case to deal with in court. Here is more about how to have joy and excitement overcome your fears in court.

Will Jon Katz have my back in court?

Your sole friend in the courthouse is your criminal defense lawyer, unless you are joined by supporting friends and family. I will always have your back covered at all times in court and for Virginia criminal court preparation, whether you stumble or not. At minimum, I remind you at all times only to speak the truth, if you speak at all (because you have a right to remain silent in court, and I will advise you if, when and how to deviate from that silence). Onward to pursuing as much victory as possible for you and  your case.

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