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Virginia criminal court victory demands a great lawyer & sweat

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Virginia criminal court victory calls for a full-on criminal defense, and not waiting for results that may not materialize without hard work

Obtaining Virginia criminal court victory is not for the faint of heart, not for wishful thinking, and not for delaying working right now on pursuing your best defense. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer I know that this is not about platitudes, but about the benefit of hiring a Virginia criminal defense lawyer who has fought successfully in and out of the trenches, is fearless in standing up to judges when they stray from their oaths or are wrongfully dismissive of the defense approach and arguments, and never shies away from discomfort, poopstorms, nor any unexpected landmines. Fairfax criminal defense and Virginia battle for the accused is warfare. To treat it as any less than that can be a fatal mistake.

Never think you deserve Virginia criminal court victory, but fight like hell for it

A potential Virginia criminal client recently asked me how hard I will fight for him. Repeatedly, you will see client reviews of me confirming how me and my staff go above and beyond the call of duty in pursuing their best Virginia criminal and DUI defense. We do this not only out of duty nor the Virginia rules of professional conduct that require zealous advocacy for criminal defense and all legal clients, but because I endured the boot camp known as law school and entered the legal profession determined to help individual litigants and to make a corner of the world a better place through fighting for justice, and there is no better way to fight for justice than for Virginia criminal court victory. Make sure that the Virginia criminal defense lawyer you hire is going to include you in the teamwork, not keeping you in the dark, not making empty promises, and including you in the task of self improvement.

You can pay now or pay later in choosing your ideal Virginia criminal defense lawyer, or not

Virginia criminal court victory is not assured to come at a low pricetag (and if you win, you will not owe any court fines nor costs). Through full transparency, I will fully detail to potential clients why I bill what I bill, taking into consideration such factors as expertise needed, opportunity cost, number of times I may be in court and for how long on each court visit, defense preparation time, time needed with the Virginia criminal defense client, paying my excellent staff what they deserve, and my law firm’s general expenses. I am delighted to go to Virginia criminal defense battle fully armed, but will not do so with even one too few proverbial bullets. Even criminally accused people who are intent on obtaining the best possible plea deal need to know that they are sorely mistaken if they are not also looking for ways that they can avoid a conviction entirely (starting with such basics as checking whether the prosecutor’s essential witnesses are available for trial), and if they are not backing up plea negotiations with full battle readiness. A Virginia prosecutor has little incentive to negotiate favorably with a wet noodle, but has every reason to negotiate seriously with a Virginia criminal defense lawyer force to be reckoned with, who will take substantial time and energy and resources from the prosecutor at trial if the case is not settled.

Paying your Virginia criminal defense lawyer should not come with sweat from the attorney

This article’s title talks about obtaining Virginia criminal court victory with a great lawyer and sweat, but only from hard work sweat and not nervous sweat. During a court hearing break, I asked my $600 hourly expert witness why he was sweating so much. He replied “Because I am nervous.” I replied: “$600 hourly should not come with so much sweat.” He was among a small number of experts in this obscure field (if not the only expert worth hiring) and on our next foray he sweated not at all, and we obtained a jury acquittal. Yes, some of the most accomplished and capable Virginia criminal defense lawyers can get performance anxiety, but make sure that this anxiety is short lived and only a function of full determination to obtain as much criminal court victory as possible, and not out of fear of the judge, prosecutor, jury, nor police or civilian witnesses in the case.

Does your potential Virginia criminal defense lawyer care about you?

Yes, everyone needs to earn an income. But who wants a heart surgeon who is merely thinking how your surgery will pay for his or her next overseas vacation, versus being determined to save and even enhance your life. Why did your potential lawyer attend law school in the first place othee, and why is s/he practicing Virginia criminal defense? Listen to how much the lawyer thrills in working hard for Virginia criminal court victory, detests losing, and retools immediately when thrown any curveball. This is your Virginia criminal defense case. This is your life.

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