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Who is the best Fairfax criminal lawyer for you?

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Who is the best Fairfax criminal lawyer for you? Narrow down your potential attorney list, choose one, and work closely with your counsel to pursue as much victory as possible

Who is the best Fairfax criminal or DUI attorney for you? As a Virginia criminal lawyer, I know that this is a critical question that cannot be taken lightly. Your friends and family — no matter how wise or well meaning — may weigh in on your choice. Until your case gets resolved in court, you may hear more unsolicited opinions than you ever wanted, about your choice of lawyer, what your attorney is doing, and whether your counsel is doing right by you and truly cares about you. Consider the source of each opinion you solicit (and do not solicit) in choosing your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer. In the end, your choice of a criminal lawyer is yours, and remember that you know more about your case than your friends and family may ever know, and you see your potential criminal lawyer’s response when you tell him or her otherwise very disturbing information about your case, whether that comes from police behavior, yours or otherwise.

Why does Fairfax County, Virginia, have so many criminal defense lawyers?

Fairfax County has so many criminal defense lawyers in part because this county is among the busiest criminal courthouses in Virginia, and because Fairfax is not only the commonwealth’s most populous county, but also buzzes with activity from major highways, and major commercial and government activity, including technology and Fortune 500 companies. As an aside, many people in this Virginia county (and beyond) who believe in government because they or those close to them work for government, and many people deriving their income from the so-called establishment, may be more likely to tend to believe that police and prosecutors are on their side and look out for justice… until they themselves or their loved ones get mistreated or treated as but a number by police or prosecutors. This is where a great Fairfax criminal defense lawyer comes in, knowing both the pulse and rhythm of the jurors, judges, prosecutors, police and others in the criminal justice system, and knowing how to redirect that pulse to the benefit of the accused.

How can a great Fairfax criminal lawyer who wears a business suit uniform also kick butt in court for the accused?

When I started law school, I rejoiced over some court decisions, and gagged over others. Then I learned about all the aisle crossing by not only some of the judges most adept at building consensus among their colleagues, but even with justices and judges who sling barbed arrows of ink at their same colleagues with whom they share a laugh and beer at the end of the day. It takes only a short initial browse of my Fairfax criminal defense law website to see how passionately convinced I am that my work is on the side of the angels, and at the same time, I recognize that all humans spring from the same source, feel joy and pain and loss, and therefore can be persuaded starting from the most human levels and proceeding into the intellectual level as well. Why do I smile when I object at a Virginia criminal trial? Because each time I work to persuade the judge or jury is another opportunity to obtain justice for my clients.

Does it matter whether my Fairfax criminal lawyer wears gold cufflinks or drives a fancy car?

Great Fairfax and Virginia criminal lawyers are not made by the clothes they wear or the cars they drive, but by their drive and ability to obtain great results for their accused clients, and who never rest on their laurels, and do not concern themselves with whether they will become less popular for the winning work they do. They neither hate nor are beholden to prosecutors, judges, jurors and police. A great Fairfax criminal lawyer recognizes these and others for the humans they are, born helpless and soon in diapers, and still with that same history even when seemingly acting improvidently or even tyrannically When your Virginia criminal defense lawyer is unflappable in even the otherwise most tense and dangerous-seeming situations, s/he has the best chance of rising to the occasion for you.

Then who is my best choice to defend me in Fairfax criminal court?

Your best choice of a Fairfax criminal defense or Virginia DUI lawyer is the person who will pursue your case with well-thought-out full court press, will fight in the moment lest his or her proverbial head gets lopped off otherwise, will fully care about you and your cause, will be relevantly skilled, and will not hesitate to pull the proverbial trigger whenever needed for helping you, the client. All of that is my own watchword. Call me at 703-383-1100 and find all that out, and talk to me about developing a plan to kick as much proverbial butt in your favor as possible. My battle cry is Beat The Prosecution.

Fairfax criminal lawyer / Virginia DUI attorney Jonathan Katz does this work because he cares deeply for the accused, knows he is on the side of the angels, and gets as much of a rush from today’s victory as his first one many years ago. Call 703-383-1100 for your free initial completely confidential consultation with Jon Katz about your court-pending case.