Back to blogging. Comments and my blogsearch box are briefly disabled

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Jul 09, 2015 Back to blogging. Comments and my blogsearch box are briefly disabled

Last week, I posted that my blogging would be interrupted pending the launch of my new Internet design. My blogging is no longer interrupted.

I launched my static website in 1999, as the sole webmaster, using the now-outdated Microsoft FrontPage. Webmastering was a new craft then, and a government webmaster suggested I try FrontPage before deciding whether to hire my own webmaster. I launched this blog first on my static website, and then moved it in 2006 to my current format, which was the second blog software proposed by my website host, the first blog software package having perhaps been okay for achieved webmasters, needing use of HTML code. As time marched on, webdesign software and approaches improved, blog software improved, and it became essential for websites to become responsive to the millions of people relying on smartphones and tablets to access the Internet.

A few years ago, I sought and obtained a professional redesign of my website. I did not launch the website, partly out of indecision about whether simultaneously to run the old content in my original design and put all subsequent content in the new design, and about what to do with my many pre-existing blog entries. I also recognized that it was ideal for me to find a webmaster not only to redesign the visual look of my website, but to update its functionality and to migrate the old content to the new design. I figured my blog software looked modern enough that I could put a redesign on the backburner. Ultimately, the redesign became obsolete as other and better design and functionality approaches took hold.

I knew I needed a quality webmaster, and not a cookie-cutter solution from Westlaw and other companies catering to attorney marketing. I knew I wanted a webmaster with whom I would work well and who would treat me as a valued client rather than as a number. I asked here and there for suggestions of webmasters, and finally hit on the right recommendation from a lawyer colleague who represents many websites and uses the webmaster I have selected.

My webmaster and I have agreed on my near-final design, as we make updates to make this a very readable and user-friendly website — both for readers and for me, because I will be involved in posting content — that integrates my blog with my static website

Behind the scenes, my webmaster has been doing substantial work to convert my old content to my new WordPress-based website, to design my new site, and to do everything else needed to launch (called “go live”) a ready-for-prime time website.

Initially, I thought I would need to cease blogging until launching my new website, because unexpectedly my old blog software started inserting unwanted italics and symbols when using the WYSYWIG (what you see is what you get) part of the blog software. Apparently this glitch was triggered in relation to the necessary migration of a few thousand files from my old site to my new site.

At first I thought the solution to my blog glitch was to launch my new website as soon as possible. However, doing so is akin to the time that I took a friend to enjoy the falafel from a local falafel master chef, and my friend had the temerity to ask the chef to hurry along with his pita sandwich masterpieces for us — and he already was working his usual impressive speed — saying we were in a hurry that I was not aware of. I was stunned. You can’t rush Picasso and you can’t rush this falafel chef. And it makes no sense building a superficially beautiful home that will leak, not be insulated, and collapse.

Praised be my webmaster for all her great work and my site host for providing quick replies to questions seeking information that only the site host would have. Praised be my webmaster for offering me a blogging solution while we wait around three more weeks to launch my new website. She will post the blog entries I type and will avoid bugs by not using WYSYWIG.

I have disabled comments and my blog’s quick search box as possible sources of unwanted code in my blog. Once my new website is launched, I will welcome comments and will have a search function on my website.

I have been away from blogging too long, and am back in the saddle.

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