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21 Dec

Would marijuana be as big a cash crop if legalized?

Following up on yesterday's blog entry entitled "Marijuana as the nation's biggest cash crop," Hit & Run's Jacob Sullum predicts that the excise tax revenue from legal marijuana would not be very significant, since legalized marijuana will be cheaper than illegal marijuana. As one commenter to...

20 Dec

Marijuana as the nation’s biggest cash crop

Marijuana legalization activist Jon Gettman -- who was part of our expert marijuana cultivation team for our recent medical marijuana victory -- asserts that marijuana is the United States' biggest cash crop. Jon's report is entitled "Marijuana Production in the United States," and is available here and here....

20 Dec

Field Sobriety Tests – Junk Science

Field sobrity tests (FST's) for drunk driving stops are junk science. Administration of the FST's are often preceded by the following alleged circumstances, as often parroted back in police report LawEnforcement-ese: "Upon approaching the subject, I immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on the subject's...

15 Dec

Why does psychodrama work?

Here is an article about the powerful effect psychodrama can have on lawyers and on their ability to persuade; thanks to TalkLeft for covering this article. This article covers a training session by Don Clarkson, who is my favorite psychodramatist and an amazing psychological counselor...

13 Dec

Peter Boyle leaves the planet

"I get scared when I meet people like Joe," said Peter Boyle soon after being catapulted from an unknown to widespread fame. Boyle as Joe has remained clearly etched into my memory for thirty-five years, capturing the 1970 period of turmoil and upheaval better than any film I...

07 Dec

Jose Padilla photos

Here are nine photos of how Jose Padilla was treated when still classified as an enemy combatant. In the above photograph, he is being taken to the dentist. The security measures shown in this photo look unnecessary, over-the-top, and just plain wrong, and are among the...