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05 Jan

The Congressional disruption statute needs to go

U.S. Capitol, by F. Malotaux (available through Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5)In January 2006, I filed an amicus brief on behalf of the District of Columbia National Lawyers Guild, supporting appellant Elena Sassower in Sassower v. U.S., D.C. Court of Appeals Appel Nos. 04-CM-760 and 04-CO-1600.Ms....

04 Jan

More on corporate and government spying

This follows up on today's earlier blog entry about paying taxes to be spied on, with the following information: - A recent television documentary reports on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's revelations of the widespread extent to which private corporations assist surveillance of people, including attaching satellite GPS systems...

04 Jan

Paying taxes to be spied upon

Today, it is hard to pick one's nose without it being caught by surveillance, whether one is driving by traffic cameras, buying diapers at the Target store (which has more visible security cameras than I have seen in any other retail establishment), walking on the...

03 Jan

Abu Ghraib was the tip of the iceberg

Sadly, just as the My Lai massacre was a larger scale example of widespread war atrocities by American soldiers in Vietnam, the Abu Ghraib atrocities by American soldiers is but a sample of gross violations of wartime detainees being held by the American military. This...

01 Jan

Jazz music and trial lawyering

Long before ever stepping foot in law school, I was a jazz music fanatic, since the age of twelve in 1975, particularly for fellow trumpeters. I experienced Miles play that year in Newport, Dizzy two years later in Westport and two more times, Cat the...

22 Dec

Teamwork among co-defendants’ lawyers

When dealing with co-defendants' lawyers, I have had experiences running from the very positive to the very negative. The very positive side includes a lengthy four-defendant federal felony trial where all lawyers whose clients did not plead guilty at all times worked together well and got...

22 Dec

Beware snitches

This follows up on my previous railings against the legalized snitch bribery system. Grits for Breakfast has discussed the topic many times, as well. Here is a disturbingly sobering video about 15% of Hearne, Texas's young black males arrested in 2000 on drug charges made...

22 Dec

Madisonville, TX, requires search consent forms

Until consent searches are outlawed, bravo to the three of five Madisonville, Texas, city council members who passed a law requiring written forms as a prerequisite for "consent" searches. This follows an earlier such order by the Austin, Texas, police chief. The article is here. Thanks to Grits for Breakfast...

21 Dec

Would marijuana be as big a cash crop if legalized?

Following up on yesterday's blog entry entitled "Marijuana as the nation's biggest cash crop," Hit & Run's Jacob Sullum predicts that the excise tax revenue from legal marijuana would not be very significant, since legalized marijuana will be cheaper than illegal marijuana. As one commenter to...

20 Dec

Marijuana as the nation’s biggest cash crop

Marijuana legalization activist Jon Gettman -- who was part of our expert marijuana cultivation team for our recent medical marijuana victory -- asserts that marijuana is the United States' biggest cash crop. Jon's report is entitled "Marijuana Production in the United States," and is available here and here....