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17 Nov

Thanks go a long way

In reply to recent thanks that I gave one of my mentors, he said: "Say as little as possible is the best response" to praise. I will let the following message from a client speak for itself, then, other than to say that I do...

16 Nov

Finding inspiration for great work

Often when finding the story, persuasion, and arguments for a client's case, I step back to clear my head. Sometimes I will do t'ai chi outdoors, spend some time with my family, listen to some great music, or experience other great art.   I recently learned from the...

16 Nov

To view is not to possess

NOTE: On August 11, 2009, I blogged that the foregoing panel opinion was overturned by Commonwealth v. Diodoro, 932 A.2d 172 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2007), aff'd., 970 A.2d 1100 (Pa. 2009). Here is a valuable Pennsylvania Superior Court case (Pennsylvania v. Diodoro, 2006 PA Super...

15 Nov

Police Tasing / Police Dogs

Here are some videos of police activity with tasers and dogs. The first video -- which may need to be opened by logging into YouTube and agreeing to see potentially "inappropriate" content -- may have an axe to grind about police, but nevertheless appears to show...

15 Nov

May D.C.’s anti-runner law go down in flames

Recently a preliminary injunction motion was filed against the District of Columbia's law prohibiting ambulance chasing by personal injury lawyers. As much as I disdain ambulance chasing, I believe the anti-runner law violates the First Amendment, for the reasons presented in my attached February 28, 2006,...

10 Nov

Mikes in the courtroom: Check, check

In a society where a person can barely go anywhere outside the home without being picked up on camera, some courts are using microphones to playback oral argument to the public. For instance, the Supreme Court provides same-day oral argument transcripts. The Supreme Court releases...

08 Nov

To Blog or Not to Blog

The free speech fanatic I am, I fully support everyone’s access to the Internet, no matter the content or quality of the communications being bandied about. Consequently, I share the following practical tips and tricks to lawyers and non-lawyers alike for launching and running a...

06 Nov

Death Penalty – Always Unjust

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. The man was a walking violation of human rights, who was no friend of death penalty abolitionists. Consequently, why should death penalty abolitionists -- including myself -- care whether he is executed? Because the message of death penalty abolition...

06 Nov

Frank Dunham Leaves the Planet

Sadly, on November 3, Frank W. Dunham, Jr., passed away. Mr. Dunham was the first federal public defender for Alexandria, Virginia. He apparently operated his federal public defender's office with the full independence that is critical for all public defender offices. The most striking professional information in Mr. Dunham's obituary...

05 Nov

If Neil Young were a trial lawyer

© 1976 Mark Estabrook. Republication permitted, as detailed here. Click here for YouTube clip. If Neil Young were a trial lawyer -- at least if he were arguing on the side of the angels, which is the only side I could imagine him arguing --...

05 Nov

Defending Reckless Driving in Virginia

Following is an out-of-state trial lawyers' listserv message by me that gives a good overview for defending reckless driving in Virginia: For jailable offenses, I think a pro se defendant has a fool for a client. Nevertheless, plenty of defendants show up pro se for reckless charges;...