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Booze Flows in Virginia – Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Weighs in

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Booze flows in Virginia- Fairfax criminal lawyer weighs in- Photo of gin and tonic

Booze flows in Virginia – Fairfax criminal lawyer weighs in

Booze flows in Virginia, and Fairfax criminal lawyer sees alcohol-related criminal arrests continuing

Booze is a big business in Virginia. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that the Virginia governor lists liquor stores (only government-run stores may sell alcoholic beverages other than beer and wine) as essential businesses on par with grocery stores during is stay at home order. I also know that he and the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Authority have enabled restaurants to include mixed drinks (putting a new defensive wrinkle on defending against open alcoholic beverage container prosecutions), and bottles of beer and wine with their food grab and go deliveries during Covid-19.

Booze fuels anger and assault. Marijuana mellows.

Booze fuels anger and assault, when assault likely already is on the rise as people get on each other’s nerves more often as they stay home more as a result of Virginia’s stay at home executive order, together with people wanting to underexpose themselves to Covid-19, and fewer leisure activities being available. Walking away both physically and psychologically from tension is important; mindfulness techniques can also help.

Marijuana generally mellows people, which is the opposite effect of booze. Cannabis remains illegal in Virginia, so is not an option to dealing with tension, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, physical pain, glaucoma, and the other ailments for which marijuana can be medically beneficial.

Protective order hearings are not being delayed for the pandemic

Booze or none, Virginia courts are not delaying protective order hearings while the pandemic continues. Getting stuck with a protective order not only exposes one to prosecution for any alleged violation of the protective order, but can have devastating financial and personal fallout when the protective order mandates vacating one’s own home, having no contact with one’s own children, being ordered to pay child and spousal support, and even paying for the mortgage or rent on that primary residence when court-mandated to live elsewhere.

It is great that a permanent protective order can be appealed to the Circuit Court, but that will not stay the District Court’s protective order absent Circuit Court injunctive action otherwise. I believe in robust rights to sell and purchase booze, but caution people about the risks that alcohol can bring for exposure to arrest for assault, DUI, public intoxication and other alleged crimes.

Beware being caught in a DUI nor any other arrest

During Covid-19, nobody wants to be exposed further to coronavirus infection by spending even a minute in jail, let alone days and weeks until a trial or felony preliminary hearing date. With fewer arrests taking place in general during the pandemic, police can be expected to be all the more available and vigilant to monitor and arrest for potential DWI activity. The ideal way to avoid a DUI prosecution is to avoid driving a vehicle within twenty-four hours of consuming booze, and being careful about driving after taking medication or drugs that might adversely affect driving. Here is information on dealing with a DUI investigation and prosecution.

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