JK in the news & live

18 Jan

The camera never blinks

As much as I worship at the altar of the First Amendment, that does not automatically justify worshipping journalists. (Image from the public domain).Last year, I spoke on a criminal continuing legal education panel where a lawyer who had a high-profile case said "No publicity is...

17 Dec

Sometimes studio interviewers cancel

Camera image from U.S. Geological Survey website.   Fortunately, of the dozens of times I have accepted invitations to be interviewed at television and radio stations, I have only been cancelled around two or three times, ordinarily because the segment had to be cancelled or rescheduled in...

12 Jul

Discussed on YouTube

Computer hard drive. (Image from Pacific Northwest Laboratory's website). Vlogger Paula Gloria found me recently through my link to an interview with Bhagavan Das and her. Overlapping my blogging today about Bhagavan Das, Paula and I have recently traded a couple of e-mails about Bhagavan, including how I learned...

19 Jun

CT Post update: Here is our published photo

Camera image from U.S. Geological Survey website.   This is a brief update to our June 17, 2007 blog entry on the Connecticut Post's coverage of our law firm. Subsequently, we obtained the newspaper's permission to upload the print version of the article, which is here and continues here. Included is a joint photo of...