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Challenges versus problems. Possibilities versus defeatism

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In many ways, my blog is a tool for my self exploration and self development, and to remind myself of the best ways to get and stay on the right path. If I do not write down and crystallize my key ideas, those ideas will clutter in my mind and not crystallize. I share my ideas with others by blogging, just as I appreciate when others share their beneficial ideas with me.

Many of my blog entries are about persuasion and trial battle, including being fully prepared, being fearless, having no anger, not reacting, applying taijiquan to trial battle, being at zero limits, being non-dualistic, seeing reality as no obstacle, deflating and neutralizing and disintegrating opposing forces, practicing in the moment, and directing matters to unfold from one powerful moment to the next. Persuasion starts as an inside job.

My wife and son are two of the most inspiring people for me to stay on the above path. They delight when I am high, and remind me to return to that path when I allow a detour to get in my way. My eight-year-old son refuses to see anything as a problem, only as a challenge. When he reads a book aloud and comes upon the "stupid", "dumb" or "hate" words that often pepper even children’s books, he replaces it with "s-word", "d-word" and "h-word". My wife reminds me to keep good energy, lest I drag myself and others down with negative energy.

I know that many of my clients and potential clients, witnesses, and plenty of others believe in being able to feel others’ energy, without needing others to say a word nor move a muscle, regardless of my view of it. I am big on positive vibrations.

When I vibrate highly and am unflappable, opponents will tire of flinging feces towards me, because it will just boomerang back into their mouths, and judges will think twice before wailing on me without cause, particularly when they see I am well prepared, credible, not an unnecessary threat to them, and calm in pointing out to them why they are mistaken or premature and improvident in their irritation. My positive energy will neutralize, deflate and exhaust their negative energy, and they may ultimately learn that the negative energy just wears them out, whereas the positive energy is self perpetuating.

Alan Watts has said that "all life is a magnificent illusion, a playing of energy, and … there is absolutely nothing, fundamentally, to be afraid of." Whether that is so, I do know that I am the only one who should set the agenda of my mind, and not to let other people or other things schedule nor cause me upset.

The battlefield of court and the arena of life are to be my playground, and not places to fear, dread, nor tiptoe carefully around. As Ringu Tulku says: "Although we see that others are suffering greatly, we know that their suffering is almost needless. They are not doomed to be in pain, because their suffering just comes from a wrong way of seeing and reacting." Ringu Tulku, Daring Steps Toward Fearlessness: The Three Vehicles of Buddhism at 58 (Snow Lion Publications, 2005).

As Geshe Kelsang Gyatso says: "A controlled mind will remain calm and happy no matter what the conditions." How to reach that controlled mind that will remain calm and happy? For me, it starts with finding fulfillment from inside me, and not from the vagaries of the weather, time, and public opinion. To find fulfillment from inside, one must find peace. Meditation and mindfulness are an important part of that, whether the moving meditation of taijiquan or sitting meditation. So is following the path of zero. There is no out there for the mind. Everything unfolds from finding internal fulfillment.

Why do so many writers, artists, and musical composers revel and get so excellently absorbed in their creative works? One possible reason is they are able to create their own worlds. Each of us can create our own worlds from moment to moment, not by escaping reality, but by creating a new relationship with reality that keeps us on target with a harmonized and more fulfilled life.

There is no out there for the mind. Everything starts from within.