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Fairfax DUI Defense – Handling probation violation charges and VASAP

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Fairfax DUI Defense - Handling probation violation charges and VASAP

Fairfax DUI Defense – Handling probation violation charges and VASAP

Fairfax DUI Defense lawyer on dealing with VASAP

Fairfax DUI defense and DUI defense throughout Virginia often involves dealing with probation violation charges, and dealing with VASAP (the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program). Probation violation charges are too common but typically avoidable. Registering with VASAP is mandatory for anyone convicted in Virginia for DUI.

I have previously blogged about defending against probation violation charges and about avoiding such charges in the first place. Today, I report that my 2016 rant about VASAP soon thereafter got VASAP’s attention.

Follow-up on Virginia DUI lawyer’s speaking truth to power in decrying the VASAP system

Sometimes months can pass before we know what kind of hullabaloo our factual and heartfelt critiques have caused to those exerting misguided disruption of our lives.

Virginia DUI lawyer’s stand about VASAP gets the commission’s attention

Only this month did I learn of the wake-up call that hit the Commission on VASAP a month after I urged (in August 2016 at ) the abolition of the overly oppressive, overly inefficient, overly unresponsive (to customer needs) and overly anti-competitive VASAP.

The Virginia Lawyers Weekly picked up my rant about VASAP

One or more people at the VASAP commission (pages 6-7)  inaccurately claimed on-existent inaccuracy in my call for VASAP’s abolition, starting with calling me the author of the Virginia Lawyers Weekly article, that instead referenced my blog article to abolish VASAP, and which Weekly full Weekly article likely got the VASAP commission’s attention in the first place. The article is here at page one.

Fairfax criminal lawyer’s rant about VASAP apparently resulted in some form of action by the VASAP commission

Some good may have come from my blog entry about VASAP beyond simply raise the awareness of those reading my blog and the Virginia Lawyers Weekly, because the foregoing VASAP commission minutes talk of the establishment of a working group to enable the expansion of private alcohol programs that will be okayed by VASAP for people ordered by the court to complete the VASAP program. Having only recently learned about the VASAP commission’s 2016 response to my rant about the agency, I will now check whether any real beneficial changes have been instituted at VASAP as a result.

Abolish VASAP. Until it’s abolition, completely overhaul VASAP.

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