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Pursuing victory after hiring Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz

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Pursuing victory after hiring Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz - Image of warrior

Pursuing victory after hiring Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz

Pursuing victory is the focus of Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz

Pursuing victory is Fairfax criminal defense lawyer Jon Katz’s path from the get-go once a client hires him.

Jon Katz is your sole lawyer every step of the way

When you hire Jon Katz, you get Jon as your lawyer every step of the way in pursuing victory in your case. Jon will handle all preparation of your case — backed up administratively by his staff — right through your trial date and any work needed to be handled beyond your trial date. The infrequent exception to this will be when your case needs a hearing right away for such a matter as a trial rescheduling hearing, when Jon is in another courthouse. When that happens, Jon will arrange for a qualified colleague to handle the hearing, in close cooperation with Jon, with Jon taking the lead and primary involvement in preparing for and following up on the hearing.

Jon’s staff is an integral component in pursuing victory for you

Jon Katz’s staff is an integral component of pursuing victory for you, including scheduling appointments with you; keeping you informed of the progress of your case; dealing with witnesses, court personnel and opposing counsel; finalizing essential standard and non-standard court filings and correspondence; organizing case documentation, applicable statutes and caselaw (which sometimes is voluminous); and keeping your computer and hard copy client files well organized.

Working as a team with you as you get on with your life

During the month or more that can pass before your case resolves in court, it is important that you be able to move on with your life as Jon Katz and his staff pursue your best defense in your criminal court case. During that time, Jon will assure that you are kept informed of your case developments, that he timely and fully responds to your calls and emails, and that you are on target with pursuing the proactive steps that Jon recommended you take in your case when you both first met.

Constantly updating your defense strategy

As Jon obtains new evidence in your case, and discovery from the prosecutor, he will review that information with you, and will constantly keep in mind additional investigation, evidence and discovery that will needed for pursuing victory in your case.

Jon will continuously assess the strengths and weaknesses in your case, and how those weaknesses can be deflated and reversed in pursuing your best possible court outcome. Full preparation for trial is essential for Jon Katz, and all negotiations come from the position of strength of being trial ready.

Combining tried and true approaches with out-of-the box strategy

Pursuing victory for Jon Katz is not about being wedded to the way most lawyers do things, rather than treating each client and his or her case as a new challenge unique from any other case Jon ever has handled, no matter how routine the case may initially appear. Your liberty is on the line, and you deserve nothing less than Jon’s fresh eye — in teamwork with you — in pursuing the best defense for you.

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