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Courthouse pursuit of victory addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Courthouse pursuit of victory addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer - Photo of courtroom

Courthouse pursuit of victory addressed by Fairfax criminal lawyer

Courthouse pursuit of victory starts long beforehand and continues until leaving the courtroom, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Courthouse criminal defense is virtually my daily activity as a lawyer. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know court can be an intimidating and uncomfortable place for many of my clients and defense witnesses. Every court visit with me and my clients will have been preceded by substantial preparation by us both, as addressed in my recent blog entry entitled “Pursuing Victory After Hiring Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz.”

Know the courthouse before your first trial date

Courthouses are home to me as a Fairfax, Virginia criminal defense lawyer, but can seem like other planets for those visiting them for the first time. A few years ago, I wrote this article on the basics of getting acclimated to spending time in court, being at trial and even testifying.

Getting yourself grounded for each Virginia criminal and DUI court date

New places can be intimidating, but remember that the Washington Nationals won every game of the 2019 World Series in the opposing stadium in Houston, and the Astros also only won their games in Washington, D.C. Wherever you go, there you are, having already learned how to acclimate to new places and situations, including the first day in a new school, at a new job, and in a new city. I have my Virginia criminal and DUI defense clients’ back every step of the way. The more they keep their faith in me, the more magic I can do for them in the courthouse and beyond.

A postponed Northern Virginia — and beyond — DUI and criminal court date is a dress rehearsal rather than a time to be irritated at non-resolution

Victory in court does not usually come from rushing the matter through court, rather than taking the time needed to fully prepare for and execute trial battle plans balanced against the need for a speedy trial. While the first court date is not always going to get postponed — and can depend on such circumstances as the county and case involved — an in-court continuance of the court date means that the first court date visit was a dress rehearsal, making a Virginia DWI and criminal defendant’s next visit to the Fairfax County or other courthouse a time to feel all the more comfortable in court.

I am my client’s only lawyer friend in court

My criminal and DUI defense clients should not mistake seeming jocularity and other good naturedness among prosecutors, police, judges and various criminal defense lawyers as a sign that all will go smoothly in court. I am in court to obtain the best possible result for my client, without any mercy for the opposition, and prosecutors and police are in the courthouse for the same reason. I never let me guard down, nor should my client.

Consequently, things to remember for my DWI and criminal defense clients in the Fairfax courthouse and beyond include:

  • Prepare fully with me well before every court date.
  • I have your back covered in the courthouse. We are fighting as a team for the best possible results.
  • We will never let our guards down as we battle for as much victory as possible.

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