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Magic, Seed-Planting, Zero Limits & Inviting Victory In The Courtroom

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Reality is no obsticle

Magic in the courtroom sprouts out of reality

Magic is within each of us to discover, invite, cultivate and unleash, which I know as a Fairfax criminal lawyer. This approach of finding and incorporating our magic was implored by Deryl Dantzler and other teachers at the premier Trial Practice Institute (known as Macon), and Gerry Spence at the Trial Lawyers College. This magic approach is not about ignoring nor escaping reality, but is an antidote for not being dragged down by the seeming odds in a criminal case nor our seeming warts.

Magic and its attendant ingredient of wonder can be contagious. Recently as part of completing my mandatory continuing legal education credits, I watched a video of lawyers academically drone about an otherwise interesting topic of information leakers/whistleblowers within corporations. Part of persuading is taking the pulse of the judge and jury, engaging them, and inspiring them to rule favorably for my client.

Persuading with seed planting

Seed planting is a cousin to the magical approach, and the two can be practiced in tandem. Sometimes the judge, jurors or prosecutor I am working to persuade are so set in their ways on the matter I am addressing, that first I need to plant, water and cultivate the seeds involved with my persuasive efforts. A judge or prosecutor may at first think I am crazy, for instance, to suggest that my client charged with a heinous crime should be released on pretrial bail with my proposed set of release conditions, which is a reason for filing a persuasively detailed hearing motion, to enable the judge and prosecutor to first hear my thoughts and arguments before they ever enter the courtroom, and for the seeds of my arguments to already have germinated by the time I begin arguing in court.

Persuading and battling with zero limits

The zero limits approach is an essential part of using magic and seed planting in criminal defense. With the zero limits of accepting the moment as it is while inviting the possibilities of creating advantageous moments and overcoming any present sh*t, I can persuade with clarity and with nothing clouding my way, and with non-duality.

I write about these topics not only to remind my clients and others of the possibilities in facing each challenge, but to remind myself to continue on that path. The courthouse is far from always being a bed or roses, as I fend off and redirect bows and arrows from prosecutors, cops and even judges sometimes, while dealing with a client who has his or her own tzouris to deal with for his or her case. That often leaves me as my only ally in the building, although I am often blessed to have close allies among my colleagues in the courthouse at the time.

Inviting victory in the Courtroom

The naysayers are many who intentionally or unintentionally throw poop at my plans for success for my criminal defense clients. That is their own poop, and I have no need to step in nor smell that self-defeating poop. Inviting victory and being open to success a step towards obtaining that victory.

None of this is new age blather. This is about winning persuasion in the ever-challenging courthouse battlefield.

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