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Fairfax LEO limits collaboration with ICE says VA criminal lawyer

Fairfax LEO and prosecutors limit their collaboration with ICE to different extents, says Virginia criminal lawyer Fairfax LEO (here collectively defined as law enforcement officers of the Fairfax County police and Fairfax County prosecutors) are limited by their chiefs to different extents about how much...

Commonwealth of VA jails report you to ICE says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Commonwealth of Virginia jails will report the names of all non-United States citizens to United States immigration authorities. As a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, I know that the Virginia legislator has passed legislation that will limit such mandatory ICE reporting to felonies only.

Moral turpitude convictions can sink immigration status – Fairfax criminal lawyer

Fairfax criminal lawyer on the ongoing crimmigration minefield of criminal convictions for non-United States citizens. Moral turpitude convictions (also known as crimes involving moral turpitude ("CIMT")) and aggravated felonies present serious immigration risks for non-United States citizens. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I repeatedly deal...