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Possessing stolen property risks conviction says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Possessing recently stolen property risks a theft conviction and possibly worse, says Fairfax criminal lawyer Possessing recently stolen property risks criminal prosecution. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer who has defended hundreds of people prosecuted for alleged misdemeanor and felony theft, I know that for starters that...

Multiple theft count aggregation – Virginia criminal lawyer

Multiple theft convictions convictions can prove a bigger headache for criminal defendants than one larceny conviction. As a Virginia criminal lawyer, I know the scarlet letter represented by even one theft conviction and the need to fully fight such prosecutions.

A felony theft conviction is not possible without proof of value

In Virginia, the felony theft threshold is $200. Setting aside the injustice of such a low threshold for distinguishing between facing up to a year in jail for misdemeanor theft and twenty years for felony theft, the prosecutor must prove that $200 value threshold beyond...

When alleged shoplifters receive dollar-demanding lawyer letters

Shoplifting collections letters are part of retailers' larger efforts to minimize loss from theft. For that reason alone, a person cannot expect to pick his or her nose or scratch his or her butt in a large store without being caught on security camera.