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Virginia DUI pitfalls – Fairfax criminal lawyer on avoiding such traps

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Virginia DUI pitfalls - Fairfax criminal lawyer on avoiding such traps

Virginia DUI pitfalls – Fairfax criminal lawyer on avoiding such traps

Virginia DUI pitfalls loom around virtually every corner for those who get behind the wheel too soon after drinking beer, wine or other alcohol in the Commonwealth. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I address below some practical and less obvious approaches to avoiding becoming a statistic of a DUI arrestee or, worse, a criminal defendant convicted of DUI.

Virginia DUI pitfalls can be avoiding by staying outside the notice of police

Police in Virginia and the rest of the nation are fueled by the ill-advised United States Supreme Court Whren decision that permits police to follow vehicles until they commit a moving violation in order to fish for evidence of crime having nothing to do with moving violations, including DUI, illegal drug possession and possession of other contraband. Even as a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I violate my own advice to avoid notice of the police by getting stopped once a year or two for such minor alleged violations as minor speeding violations, unlawful turns or lane changes, and not getting my car inspection timely renewed. Sometimes police ask Whren fishing questions that get them nowhere (and I do not answer their questions), and sometimes they release me quickly with a warning or ticket, realizing that they will catch no fish with me.

Fairfax criminal lawyer give you these essential tips for reducing your risk of a DUI or other criminal arrest or conviction

As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I give you some of the following key tips for avoiding a DUI arrest conviction in the first place: First stay away from the wheel of the car for at least twenty-four hours after drinking beer, wine or other alcohol. Second, beware driving with medicine that might impair your driving. Third, silence is golden with police (see here). Fourth, beware ever doing field sobriety tests or blowing into the roadside breath testing machine (voluntary, versus the post-arrest breathalyzer machine, which can yield painful sanctions if refused).

Virginia DUI pitfalls can also be avoided by maintaining the car well and one’s demeanor kind and low key

Fifth, keeping your car well maintained and obeying all traffic laws reduces the risk of being stopped in the first place. Sixth, maintain equanimity and balanced kindness when dealing with police, while never fearing asserting  your above-listed rights.

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  1. Paul Carrillo on November 9, 2017 at 7:08 am

    Excellent piece of advice for dealing with over zealous traffic police, indeed the best way is to avoid such situations by never drinking before driving and observe all the traffic rules.