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Criminal Defense Victory with Powerful Calmness, Humor & Enchantment

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Criminal defense victory with powerful calmness, humor and enchantment

Criminal defense victory with powerful calmness, humor and enchantment

Criminal defense victory is helped by powerful calmness, humor and enchantment, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Criminal defense victory usually does not come easy, but is more possible when the Virginia criminal lawyer is powerfully calm and maintains a sense of humor, wonder and enchantment in life. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know by experience the power of this approach, which I have discussed in several prior blog entries, and which I addressed last month at the annual Heroes and Icons conference of Great Legal Marketing, which was held in Arlington, Virginia.

Why is calmness important to Virginia criminal defense victory?

The courtroom is a stage for criminal lawyers to obtain Virginia criminal defense victory, when many people experience stagefright, even before the judge raises his or her voice at the lawyer, if that happens. Maintaining powerful calmness can make a big difference not only for the criminal lawyer to be stronger, but also to get closer to victory by not being thrown off his or her game. Related to calmness is powerful softness — as taught in the martial art of taijiquan — just as a tidal wave, hurricane and flood can all pack a wallop, but cannot be successfully hit with a punch.

Why is humor important when facing criminal court.

So many lawyers — particularly trial lawyers — go into emotional tailspins, sometimes resulting in depression, alcohol abuse and drug abuse. When a criminal lawyer approaches the courtroom as a playground that offers the opportunity to obtain justice, that attorney has come closer to Virginia criminal defense victory

Why does enchantment help attorneys succeed?

Enchantment goes hand in hand in the courtroom with humor for pursuing Virginia criminal defense victory,. The world is full of unknowns to be discovered and self discovery to be achieved. To not awake each morning with a sense of wonder about all the new things that will be learned and discovered that day, is a wasted part of the day. Of course, all this calm, humor and enchantment also helps the criminal defense lawyer’s client to be more calmly powerful.

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My outline for this live October 22, 2020, conference talk is here, and my ideas for implementing that are here. These ideas that I present in my above-displayed video — and for Virginia criminal defense victory —  and links have been developed by me over the span of many years and much experience applying those lessons.

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