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DUI defense in Fairfax County – Fairfax criminal lawyer on court practice

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Fairfax criminal lawyer on DUI defense in the county courthouse

DUI defense in Fairfax County, Virginia has its own similarities and differences to nearby counties. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I deal with each county’s differing courthouse landscape in defending against DWI / driving under the influence of alcohol and other criminal charges.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on the DUI and criminal arraignment hearing and beyond

I have written previously about handling criminal investigations, dealing with arrests, and DWI defense. After an arrest, a criminal defendant is brought before a court magistrate to determine the arrestee’s pretrial release status, including whether the defendant will remain free pending trial for the DUI defense, will have to pay bond / bail, and will have any pretrial supervision conditions.

If a Fairfax DWI defendant is charged by a warrant of arrest rather than a summons, the defendant will have an arraignment within a few days of the arrest date. The defendant only needs to appear at the arraignment if without a lawyer for pursuing the DUI defense. At the DUI arraignment, the defendant will be given an attorney review date the following week, to provide a further status on obtaining a lawyer.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on being ready with DUI defense for more than one trial date in this courthouse

Fairfax General District Court judges usually will not require prosecutors to provide discovery / evidence prior to the first trial date in a misdemeanor case. The court’s written procedures for DWI cases provide that the first trial date is a discovery provision date, allowing both the DUI defense and prosecution to obtain a continuance on the first trial date, and not requiring the prosecutor to have the breath nor blood technician nor any civilian witnesses subpoenaed to the first DUI trial date.

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