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Fearless defense is essential – Virginia criminal lawyer

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Fearless defense is essential - Virginia criminal lawyer

Fearless fighting is necessary, says Virginia criminal attorney

Fearless approaches backed by ability and experience are essential for defending the accused in court. As a Virginia criminal lawyer I know that in the heat of battle all that matters to win is ability, experience, wits, cunning and no fear. Enjoying the combat also helps.

Fearlessness must not be mistaken with neophyte overconfidence, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Fearless court battle does not mean not having sized up the opposition, the judge, the opposing witnesses, and the strengths and weaknesses of the criminal defense lawyer’s case. At the same time, once the trial starts, it is showtime, with no timeouts nor re-takes. Just as a samurai fighter increases his risk of decapitation when thinking about his possible next move instead of being and acting in the fearless current moment, the criminal defense lawyer who hesitates or misses an essential beat can experience the devastatingly painful difference between losing and winning.

Criminal trials can be messy as opposed to the rarefied practice of appellate advocacy

As a Virginia criminal attorney who has also argued several appeals, I have witnessed firsthand the drastic difference between the gladiator messiness of trial battle versus the rarefied approach of appellate work where the worse that happens in oral argument is judges who pounce on a lawyer’s arguments rather than making any wrong evidentiary rulings.

Fairfax criminal attorney on turning the decisionmaker around through competence and diligence

Judges are mindful of needing to give each litigant an opportunity to present their case, and many will endeavor to move trials along in order that all litigants get heard, sometimes in potentially intimidating fashion. When a criminal defense lawyer displays a consistent approach of competence and fearlessness that wastes nobody’s time, most judges ultimately will be more flexible simply to let the criminal defense lawyer try his or her case.

Virginia criminal lawyer on ways to cultivate being fearless

Until being truly fearless, a criminal defense lawyer at least can avoid discussing nor revealing his or her fears in the courthouse. (It is fine to address those fears with colleague confidantes who will keep those discussions confidential.) Developing fearlessness comes from a combination of achieving excellent trial experience, developing a thick skin, and (for me, at least) practicing mindfulness (and martial arts and zero limits) to be in the fearless moment, because being in the moment precludes fear and worry.

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