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DUI lawyer on fighting against adverse DUI conviction risks – Virginia attorney

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Mar 09, 2018 DUI lawyer on fighting against adverse DUI conviction risks – Virginia attorney

Virginia DUI lawyer on fighting against adverse DUI conviction risks

Virginia DUI lawyer on fighting against adverse DUI conviction risks

Virginia DUI lawyer on getting to firm ground after a DUI arrest

Virginia DUI charges call for full and skilled defense. As a Virginia DUI lawyer following up on the first of this two-part article (entitled “Beware DUI guilty plea consequences”), I resume by addressing the actual and potentially adverse consequences from a Virginia DUI conviction.

Virginia DUI lawyer underlines the adverse consequences from a DUI conviction

Those adverse consequences include loss of driving privileges often with very limited restricted driving privileges; increased car insurance rates; often severe penalties for getting a subsequent DUI conviction; high risks for probation revocations; and risks to military careers, health care licensing, security clearances, immigration status and reputation.

Virginia DUI lawyer on what you and your lawyer can do to improve your chances of a favorable case outcome

As a Virginia DUI lawyer, I know that teamwork between the criminal defense lawyer and client is essential in any defense against a DUI or other criminal case. From the very start, here are some of the initial approaches I take in defending my clients charged with DUI and the advice I often give them for preparing our defense:

Virginia DUI lawyer’s initial basics for defending his clients

Each Virginia DUI defense requires its own approaches. Common elements to my defense start out with such items as obtaining discovery from the prosecutor, obtaining complete data about any breath or blood alcohol testing, obtaining any accident reports, obtaining all essential additional evidence, identifying and securing any lay or expert witnesses we need for trial, filing a request for and objection to the BAC certificate of analysis, and for blood cases obtaining a blood transmission order so that I can get an independent lab test of the blood, and obtaining a records subpoena of the notes of the Virginia Department of Forensic Science (DFS) forensic toxicologist who stated the BAC in my client’s blood. All of the foregoing approaches are only the start of my defensive work for clients charged with DUI.

Fairfax DUI lawyer’s advice to his clients for preparing the defense

For my DUI and other criminal defense clients, I develop with them an action plan to improve our prospects for case negotiations (always steered by trial readiness) and for any sentencing.

Virginia DUI lawyer urges all DUI defendants to obtain a qualified lawyer and to work closely with that lawyer.

Virginia DUI lawyer Jonathan L. Katz pursues the best defense for his DUI and criminal defense clients. To discuss your case with Jon, please call his staff at 703-383-1100 to schedule a confidential appointment. 

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