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24 Jan

The Constitution is more valuable than gentility

Chief Judge Robert M. Bell dissented that George Junior Spry's taking twenty minutes to disperse did not constitute disorderly conduct. The Constitution is more valuable than gentility. However, courts repeatedly uphold police efforts through the disorderly conduct laws to enforce gentility and public obedience to police. A recent example is...

21 Jan

A farewell to Art

Art Buchwald. Art Buchwald left the planet last Wednesday. I read his columns from time to time, and found him good-natured with a joie de vivre. I later learned that he suffered from clinical depression, but he kept writing his columns, right through last month. He was well...

19 Jan

Aiding and abetting theft is deportable

Cesar Chavez: A champion for the empowerment of workers and immigrants. Since the beginning, photographic tributes to Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr., have been prominently displayed in our law firm's reception area, giving us continued inspiration to keep fighting for justice and the...

18 Jan

Humanizing criminal defendants

Courtesy Sunwolf: A criminal defense lawyer's criminal defense lawyer, showing lawyers the powerful path to humanizing our clients, through storytellilng, kindness to all, summoning our inner magic, and a reminder that "reality is no obstacle." When I started practicing criminal defense over fifteen years ago, a repeated...

16 Jan

Decapitation by Iraq’s official executioner

Death penalty: Always unjust. Saddam Hussein's half-brother was decapitated this past Sunday morning, when his executioners failed to set the rope length sufficiently commensurate with his size. Of course, all execution is brutal, not just this one. This site shows gruesome video and photos of Saddam...

15 Jan

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr., 1964. (Photo from public domain). Happy, Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr. If only you had lived to see more birthdays. Fortunately, you live on in countless ways. A photo tribute to you hangs prominently in our reception area. For a long time, our letterhead...

08 Jan

Oppose McCain’s bill to censor the Internet

Sen. John McCain (Oops; it's Alfred Hitchcock, another chillmaster).  Thanks to TalkLeft for reporting on Senator McCain's ludicrous proposed bill (1) to place substantial onus for reporting and keeping child pornography off the Internet, on Internet service providers, bloggers, search engines and just about anybody else who...