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16 Jan

Decapitation by Iraq’s official executioner

Death penalty: Always unjust. Saddam Hussein's half-brother was decapitated this past Sunday morning, when his executioners failed to set the rope length sufficiently commensurate with his size. Of course, all execution is brutal, not just this one. This site shows gruesome video and photos of Saddam...

15 Jan

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr., 1964. (Photo from public domain). Happy, Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr. If only you had lived to see more birthdays. Fortunately, you live on in countless ways. A photo tribute to you hangs prominently in our reception area. For a long time, our letterhead...

08 Jan

Oppose McCain’s bill to censor the Internet

Sen. John McCain (Oops; it's Alfred Hitchcock, another chillmaster).  Thanks to TalkLeft for reporting on Senator McCain's ludicrous proposed bill (1) to place substantial onus for reporting and keeping child pornography off the Internet, on Internet service providers, bloggers, search engines and just about anybody else who...

05 Jan

The Congressional disruption statute needs to go

U.S. Capitol, by F. Malotaux (available through Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5) In January 2006, I filed an amicus brief on behalf of the District of Columbia National Lawyers Guild, supporting appellant Elena Sassower in Sassower v. U.S., D.C. Court of Appeals Appel Nos. 04-CM-760 and 04-CO-1600. Ms....

04 Jan

More on corporate and government spying

This follows up on today's earlier blog entry about paying taxes to be spied on, with the following information: - A recent television documentary reports on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's revelations of the widespread extent to which private corporations assist surveillance of people, including attaching satellite GPS systems...

04 Jan

Paying taxes to be spied upon

Today, it is hard to pick one's nose without it being caught by surveillance, whether one is driving by traffic cameras, buying diapers at the Target store (which has more visible security cameras than I have seen in any other retail establishment), walking on the...

03 Jan

Abu Ghraib was the tip of the iceberg

Sadly, just as the My Lai massacre was a larger scale example of widespread war atrocities by American soldiers in Vietnam, the Abu Ghraib atrocities by American soldiers is but a sample of gross violations of wartime detainees being held by the American military. This...

02 Jan

Beware Barry Cooper’s “Never Get Busted” video

At first I hesitated to discuss former police officer Barry Cooper's new Never Get Busted Again video, so as not to give more free publicity to the video than it has already received. However, more important to me than avoiding giving the video inadvertent free publicity is...

01 Jan

Jazz music and trial lawyering

Long before ever stepping foot in law school, I was a jazz music fanatic, since the age of twelve in 1975, particularly for fellow trumpeters. I experienced Miles play that year in Newport, Dizzy two years later in Westport and two more times, Cat the...