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28 Feb

Opposing the drug war is mainstream

LEAP's compelling video against drug prohibition.Opposing the drug war is mainstream. For instance, such organizations as the Drug Policy Alliance present a reasoned counter-message of harm reduction, backed up by supporters from a wide range of the social establishment, including such board members and honorary...

27 Feb

Scalia on Terry searches

Terry wrongfully tramples on civil liberties. Justice Scalia recognizes Terry's flaws in permitting a frisk before an arrest. (Image from FBI's website). In the Dickerson case discussed in today's previous blog entry, Justice Scalia criticized the reasoning of Terry for allowing a Terry frisk in the...

27 Feb

Plain feel searches: Ripe for challenge

Terry v. Ohio, 392 US 1 (1968), is one more tool for police to trample on the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures. Minnesota v. Dickerson, 508 U.S. 366 (1993), opens the door for cops using "plain feel" to pull non-weapon items from people's pockets...

26 Feb

Client caught in disbelief over an acquittal

A drug possession conviction requires probable cause to seize the alleged drugs; proof that the seized item constitutes illegal drugs; and proof beyond a reasonable doubt of knowledge, dominion and control over the alleged drugs. (Image from public domain.) When I started doing criminal defense over fifteen...

25 Feb

Getting to yes with North Korea

T'ai chi helps the negotiator to listen, and to push effectively without being pushy. (From the public domain, showing the single whip position of yang style t'ai chi.) Sixteen years ago, a seasoned and able civil rights lawyer told me about the importance for a litigator to...

22 Feb

Chain of custody revisited

The Defendant in Jones v. State unsuccessfully challenged chain of custody of DNA evidence. (Image from NASA's website). Several times, I have won drug possession trials in Maryland by successfully challenging the prosecutor's failure to establish that the drugs tested by the testifying chemist were the...

22 Feb

More evidence on marijuana’s benefit as pain medicine

Marijuana remains federally banned for prescription purposes, while doctors remain free to administer cocaine and morphine for medicinal use. (The image's copyright holder permits its reposting for any purpose).Marijuana is medicine, as confirmed by many studies.In February 2007, an additional study was added to the arsenal of...

20 Feb

Our military law practice

Pentagon (From National Reconnaissance Office's website).Washingtonian magazine includes me in its most recent listing of the area's top military lawyers. My litigation work involving the military has involved defending military members in criminal court (including addressing the landmines that a conviction might have on their security clearances...

19 Feb

Folk Songs of the Far Right

Turn on your speakers to the upside-down world of Bush's war launched on non-existent Iraqi nuclear weapons, and followed with NSA domestic spying. (Image posted pursuant to GNU Free Documentation License.) Thanks to a fellow National Lawyers Guild member for posting this link to "Folk Songs...

18 Feb

Everyone is my teacher

The Dalai Lama said: "Tolerance can be learned only from an enemy; it cannot be learned from your guru." (Image from the public domain). If a trial lawyer wants the jury to judge the lawyer's client fairly, the trial lawyer needs to judge the jury fairly,...

15 Feb

Libby and Cheney will not testify

Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby will not testify at trial. (Image from the public domain).Now that Scooter Libby's trial will be without the testimony of Mr. Libby and Dick Cheney, his lawyer is left to explain to the jury in closing argument why he came up short with evidence to...

14 Feb

Marijuana – Let it grow for research

Image from public domain. Three years ago, WMAL radio interviewed me opposite a doctor from the Office of National Drug Policy, about Maryland's then-newly effective law capping marijuana possession penalties at a $100 fine plus court costs upon presentation of proof that it was for medical necessity. After...