Criminal Defense

27 Nov

Defending child pornography cases

Child pornography prosecutions have been rampant for many years, both for possession and distribution of child pornography, and for alleged violations of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 recordkeeping provisions. The United States Supreme Court generally limits child pornography prosecutions to images of actual minors, rather than to...

20 Nov

Cop says he routinely pats down people

Recently I had a disturbing -- yet revealing -- conversation with a police officer who charged my client with possessing marijuana. This case was in Virginia, where my client faced up to thirty days in jail for the marijuana possession charge. As I waited for our...

17 Nov

Thanks go a long way

In reply to recent thanks that I gave one of my mentors, he said: "Say as little as possible is the best response" to praise. I will let the following message from a client speak for itself, then, other than to say that I do...

16 Nov

To view is not to possess

NOTE: On August 11, 2009, I blogged that the foregoing panel opinion was overturned by Commonwealth v. Diodoro, 932 A.2d 172 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2007), aff'd., 970 A.2d 1100 (Pa. 2009). Here is a valuable Pennsylvania Superior Court case (Pennsylvania v. Diodoro, 2006 PA Super...

15 Nov

Police Tasing / Police Dogs

Here are some videos of police activity with tasers and dogs. The first video -- which may need to be opened by logging into YouTube and agreeing to see potentially "inappropriate" content -- may have an axe to grind about police, but nevertheless appears to show...