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Risks must be taken in criminal defense says Virginia criminal lawyer

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Risks must be taken in criminal defense says Virginia criminal lawyer

Risks must be taken in criminal defense says Virginia criminal lawyer

Risks must be taken in criminal defense, says Virginia criminal lawyer.

Risks can abound in criminal defense. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer having defended over three thousand criminal defendants since 1991, I fully know that. For my clients who actually committed the crime for which they are accused, they took risks in committing the crime in the first place, and now we are taking risks with trial strategy and execution, and settlement negotiations. For clients who committed no crime at all, I know as a Virginia criminal attorney that too many innocent people get prosecuted, but we are still in the risk-taking mode in defending against prosecution.

Criminal defense involves calculated risks, says Fairfax criminal attorney

Criminal defense is about persuading judges and jurors and prosecutors, and sometimes prosecution witnesses. While we can estimate how any of them will decide or rule on any particular matter, the best I can do is to estimate, but usually not be certain. That is risk-taking, and also where the possibilities are many to obtain victory.

I manage risk as a criminal defense lawyer by always having trial readiness as my default. In that way, my client always is well served, and my negotiation work is backed up by full preparedness for combat.

Criminal defense always involves fighting, says Virginia criminal attorney

Criminal defense may be fun for me overall, but that does not mean that I do not sometimes feel like an elevator, with ups and downs, and the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Of course, that is what combat is all about. That is a reason that I practice taijiquan for all these years, to always be combat ready, to savor victory, and to bounce right back from any setback and to get back to the path towards obtaining as much victory as possible. Also, as Michael Jordan reminds us in a Nike commercial, we must learn from our setbacks.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on preparing defendants for the uncertain road ahead

Not all of my clients relish courtroom battle as much as I, including because they are the ones facing risks to their liberty, not I. To my clients, I say that their being prosecuted means we must fully fight for the best possible results. When we achieve victory, we rejoice. When we experience defeat, we look into appealing or for other avenues to better the situation.

As I have said before, once a criminal defendant gets prosecuted, his fight for justice just begun.

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