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Unrattled powerful battle is essential says Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Unrattled powerful battle is essential says Fairfax criminal lawyer - Image of samurai

Unrattled powerful battle is essential says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Unrattled courthouse combat is the only way to proceed, underlines Fairfax criminal lawyer

Unrattled battling truly is the only way to for the criminal defense side to approach the courthouse and courtroom. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I have repeatedly experienced the essential truism of this approach.

Effective criminal defense includes keeping the focus on the winning path rather than any prosecutorial shenanigans and judicial obstacles

If for no other explanation, an essential reason for my decades-long taijiquan practice and for my recent return to the Roman Colosseum / Coliseum site of the inhumane gladiator fights during our summer Italy visit, is the reminder they respectively bring to enjoy the battle unrattled, without distraction from the opponent, and to remember that far from being rarefied chambers of legal discourse, trial courthouses can descend into the lowest form of law world behavior.

Annoyances are assured, but upset is optional

One way to remain unrattled with annoyances is to expect them. We expect plenty of annoying insects on a hot, muggy summer day. We expect mind-numbing performances on Barney reruns. We expect soul-less sound in Muzak. With that, we can filter out the annoyances, and not get upset. As lat Tai Sophia (“School of Philosophy and Healing in Action”) Institute co-founder Bob Duggan reminded people: “upset is optional” and “you can choose to not live in the drama.”

A criminal defense lawyer needs to be an unrattled example for his or her client

When a criminal defense lawyer remains unrattled in court, his or her client will be more likely to follow that unflappable example. Criminal defendants constantly seek cues from their lawyers, and those defendants need to see their lawyers diffusing tense situations and remaining victory-focused at all times.

Battling in the courtroom with the glee of a martial artist in the snow

When a criminal defense lawyer loves the work he or she does, the attorney can be like an unrattled powerful martial artist even delighting in practicing in the snow, and like a powerful child making the battlefield his or her playground. Shenanigans of some prosecutors and police are sometimes inevitable annoyances that take place on the way to the courtroom and to achieving favorable results for a criminal defendant. Essential is reaching the courtroom and delivering the most persuasive advocacy there. I am here to rattle opponents’ agendas, and not to be upset over prosecutors’ and law enforcement officers’ misdeeds.

Battling with the power of zero

Unrattled battle ideally is with zero limits and without unnecessarily forcing anything. Late t’ai chi master Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo — whose classes I attended several times — is quoted as having aptly said: “Normally we think that if [our opponent] has 100 pounds of force or power, I better have 150. But then if I get 150 pounds of force, he may have accumulated more himself… So I need to reverse my approach. I need to take my own power down to 0. Then there’s no chasing or spiraling. Nothing can change… I’m not chasing his attributes, or competing, or catching up, or exceeding him. That’s Taijiquan.”

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