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Achieving victory through dancing through life – Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Achieving victory through dancing through life - Fairfax criminal lawyer

Achieving victory through dancing through life – Fairfax criminal lawyer

Achieving victory includes dancing through life, from a Fairfax criminal lawyer

Achieving victory in court and beyond can be like a gladiator fight, like the law of the jungle. I know this as a Fairfax criminal lawyer.

Plenty of great civil lawyers have told me that they simply could not do criminal defense themselves, with all that is at stake and all the potential and actual stress.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on the gladiator lesson of achieving victory

As a Virginia criminal attorney, I know that achieving victory as a criminal defense lawyer does not necessitate experiencing stress nor angst. For me, criminal court is my playground, despite all the proverbial projectile vomiting, opponents and opposing witnesses trying to throw proverbial dirt in my eyes, and proverbial bows and arrows flying. For me as a Fairfax criminal attorney, achieving victory in criminal defense is about a taijiquan exercise, never getting angry at the opponent, but instead transforming and using the opponents’ energy and all available means and energy to achieve victory.

Fairfax criminal attorney on the fun dance on the road to victory

My teacher (from afar) Ram Dass superbly reminds us of our choice between relishing our short time on this planet and resisting and complaining about it: “You can do it like it’s a great weight on you, or you can do it like it’s a part of the dance.”

James Baldwin well puts it another way: “I can’t be a pessimist, because I am alive.”

Virginia criminal lawyer on achieving victory despite straight faces from others

As a Fairfax criminal attorney, I know that part of the path to achieving victory is to be unaffected by others’ actions towards us nor to other life challenges. Otherwise, we will get caught in a dualistic struggle with adverse weather and scowling people. As former Esquire Phillip Moffit magazine and now-spiritual teacher points out, we should be in touch with ourselves and our surroundings, but not judge nor get bent out of shape by them. Of course, that does not mean staying on a near-empty subway car with a person who our gut tells us can be immediately dangerous. It is all a balance.

Moreover, the unsmiling face on the person we thought was our friend does not necessarily mean they are reacting to us, versus a preoccupation they are having, a rough patch at the time, or even abdominal gas.

Of course, some people act downright nasty, and direct that nastiness towards us. It is tempting to then let our blood boil, but that weakens us, so I choose to avoid any weakening response. At the highest level, we can view others’ anger as energy or wind, know that the sun smiles as brightly on nasty people as on us, and carry forward with achieving victory rather than dwelling on opponents exhibiting nastiness.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on clearing out the gunk while achieving victory

When I as a persuader and criminal defense lawyer clear out negative energy and focus on vibrating highly, I am removing many blockages to achieving, and am removing obstacles that others feel in dealing with me. Opponents do not need to be seen as enemies rather than people to work with in attempting to overlap mutual interests, and to compete with when needed.

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