23 Dec

Dabs/wax is marijuana under California’s Compassionate Use Act

Last week, a California appellate court overturned a trial judge's determination that cannabis concentrate -- also known as dabs and wax -- is not marijuana under California's Compassionate Use Act ("CUA").The appellate court concluded:Because “concentrated cannabis” is “marijuana” for purposes of the CUA, the trial court...

05 Nov

D.C. voters pass the marijuana legalization referendum!

The countless hours and decades of sweat by drug law reform supporters has been paying off in a whirlwind during the recent years in particular, with Washington state and Colorado's marijuana legalization laws, yesterday's marijuana legalization referendum wins in Washington, D.C. and Oregon (see here and here, too), and...

08 May

Maryland decriminalized marijuana takes effect October 1, 2014

Praised be all to all the people who toiled hard for so many years to get marijuana decriminalization passed in Washington, D.C. (apparently still waiting whether Congress will intervene) and Maryland.Now, with the governor's signature in mid-April, marijuana decriminalization takes effect in Maryland on October 1, 2014.As...

11 Apr

D.C. joins Maryland in a marijuana-liberalizing duet

No sooner did Maryland's governor announce his intention to sign marijuana decriminalization legislation than a unanimously supported measure was introduced this week in the D.C. Council to stop limiting medical marijuana to HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, cancer and multiple sclerosis.Now, under the proposed legislation, medical marijuana...

01 Apr

D.C.’s mayor signs marijuana decriminalization into law

Earlier this month, I blogged my expectation that the District of Columbia's mayor soon would be signing marijuana decriminalization into law. He did so yesterday. D.C.'s not having statehood yet, Congress has sixty days to intervene before marijuana decriminalization becomes law in D.C. Congress must not meddle in...